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Aging with Beauty

Aging is a natural and continuous biological process, and skin inevitably changes with age. In the case of beauty industry, the word aging means dermal aging or simply aging skin. Dermal aging is a type of physical aging, it is caused by both intrinsic and extrinsic factors. 

1. Proper skin care routine. 

1. Deep Cleansing Always remember to use a makeup remover to thoroughly remove all makeup. Use a face wash designed for oily skin and pat dry the skin gently without vigorous rubbing. Avoid over drying cleanser with SLS (sodium laurel sulfate).
2. Serum, Moisturizer & Masque Start using anti-aging products which help promote collagen and elastin synthesis; fight free radicals, antioxidants; repair damaged skin cells; promote cell renewal rate; and etc. Ingredients you may look for are vitamin C, peptide, retinols, antioxidant properties and others.
3. Exfoliation Use a grainy exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and promote cell regeneration. 
4. Sun Protection Choose a broad spectrum sun protection with physical blockers, such as titanium dioxide and zinc dioxide. Look for SPF at least 30 and PA+++ for optimum protection.
5. Make-up Keep makeup as light as possible and use makeup only when absolutely necessary. Always use an oil free foundation or makeup products.


2. Promote health lifestyle.

• Consume foods with antioxidant properties such as green tea, grape, blueberry, prune and carrot which are high in vitamins A, C, E and beta carotene which help terminate the free radical chain reaction. Avoid deep fried, high-carbohydrate and high-sugar foods.
• Drink plenty of water (at least 2 little per day) daily to replenish your skin.
• Maintain a healthy lifestyle such as regular exercise, stress management, quit smoking, control alcohol consumption, and get sufficient sleep!

3. We should have different skin care needs at different stages of our lives:-
Ages 20 – 35:-
  - 75% of skin damage has already occurred, mostly from over exposure under the sun.
  - At this stage, overactive sebum secretion and cell regeneration begins to decline.
  - You should develop a complete skin care routine to assist in the skin natural functions. Focus on hydration, gentleexfoliation and sun protection.
Ages 36 – 49:-
  - Skin becomes drier and elasticity begins to decrease.
  - Visible fine lines and pigmentation becomes more pronounced.
  - You should use richer moisturizer, and products that able to boost cell regeneration and synthesis of collagen and elastin.
Ages 50+:-
  - Your skin now loses its elasticity and becomes thinner, more sensitive and less able to retain moisture.
  - Look for extra rich moisturizers and avoid excessive sun exposure. Use anti-wrinkle products to treat fine lines and wrinkles.