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Beauty Tips ~ Nail Care Tips

Believe it or not, knowing proper nail care tips can make a difference in the first impressions you give others. The key to having healthy nails is a combination of a healthy diet, plus proper manicuring techniques. In today’s article about nail care tips, we’re going to cover a bit of both to give you a good idea of the whole picture.

Nail Care Tips: Using A Healthy Diet To Get Better-Looking Nails

Diet: Everything from vitamin and mineral deficiencies to the onset of diseases can cause nails to appear discolored, dry and brittle, caved in, lumpy and so on. The best thing you can do for your nails is to eat a healthy diet composed mainly of fresh fruits and veggies, whole-grain carbs and lean proteins.

Vitamins: Adding a vitamin supplement to your diet will also help to keep nails healthy and strong. A number of good supplements exist solely for hair and nails alone, and they’re worth checking out.

Water: In some instances, dehydration can cause nails to split. Decrease the amount of sodas, coffees, and other drinks you have during the day, and increase the amount of pure water. As a bonus, your skin will have a glowing look from the extra hydration!

Nail Care Tips: Biting, Filing, Painting, And So On

Biting: Do everything you can to drop the habit of biting your nails. Not only can it potentially cause an infection, but also it can make your nails look ugly.

Oftentimes the urge to bite our nails comes when the edge is rough. Try carrying a small, quality file with you wherever you go. Next time the urge to bite hits you, take out the file, and file the nail just enough to make it smooth.

Another nail care tip to keep in mind when nervousness is the cause of biting is to practice employing deep breathing and other relaxing methods.

Filing: When choosing a file to use on your nails, opt for a high-quality one rather than those that come in a pack at the drugstore. Cheap files are generally too rough for the nails and can end up sanding away more nail than you intended, or leave edges rough.

Painting: Every manicurist has their own nail care tips they’ll share with you, but the more general rules when it comes to painting go like this: wear paint for shorter periods of time and give your nails a break occasionally. Too much paint left on for too long will result in the nails turning a yellowish color.

Cuticles: Avoid cutting your own cuticles. Any damage to the cuticle can be permanent. Better instead to use a quality cuticle oil and simply push back the edges with a special cuticle stick.

Nail Polish Remover: Try not to use nail polish removers more than once a week. The chemicals are very harsh.

Nail Care Tips: Miscellaneous Areas

Cleaning With Strong Chemicals: When cleaning with strong chemicals, or strong soaps, be sure to put on gloves. Not only will they prevent these chemicals and soaps from soaking into your body through the skin, but they’ll also protect your nails from damage.

Moisturize: Pick up a high-quality hand-cream with UV protection in it, and use it on your hands and nails after each time you wash. This will help protect nails from sun damage, as well as to keep them from drying out.

Keeping proper nail care tips in mind while going about your daily life will help to make sure your nails always look healthy and strong.