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Protecting Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is more of a condition than an actual skin type. We are all prone to skin sensitivity at some point in our life. The skin is protected against outside invaders by the skin immune system and the physical protection barrier. However, when the immune system reacts with a heightened response to certain stimuli or antigen, it causes skin inflammation or irritation.

1. Proper skin care routine
• Always inspect the full ingredients list for any skin care products that you plan to have. Choose products that do not contain potential allergens and irritants such as artificial fragrances and coloring, PABA sun protections, lanolin, propylene glycol and ethanol.
• It is also recommended to test a new skin care product on a small area of skin and see if there are any reactions before you use it over larger areas of your skin.

1. Deep Cleansing • Rinse well after using cleansers, choose a cleanser which is mild and soap free so they do not remove healthy sebum from the skin.
• Don’t over wash your face. Temperature of the water should be tepid; neither hot nor cold.
2. Serum, Moisturizer & Masque • Look for products that helps strengthen skin barrier, anti irritants, increase skin immunity, calm skin irritations, and excellent repairing skin capability.
• Natural ingredients that have proven effectiveness in treating sensitive skin includes ceramides, multiple vitamins, apricot kernel oil, algae (seaweed) extract, promegranate extract, and etc. 
3. Exfoliation Be mindful of exfoliants. Shorten the duration for the first few applications.
4. Sun Protection Choose a light weight sun protection with at least SPF 30 and PA++. Avoid PABA contain sun protection!
5. Make-up Keep makeup as light as possible or use makeup only when absolutely necessary. It is crucial to find a non-irritating and gentle product to use.
6. Facial Treatment Your facial treatment should be less massage, less extraction, and avoid hot treatments!


2. Promote healthy lifestyle
• Ensure diet rich in nuts, grains, vegetables, vitamin A, B, D and E (such as meat, chicken liver, cod liver oil and cheese), and low in saturated fatty foods.
• Maintain healthy lifestyle such as drink plenty of water, regular exercise, stress management, quit smoking, control alcohol, spice and caffeine intakes, and get sufficient sleep!